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European statistics - ESDS

The Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) in co-operation with national statistical institutions set up a network of national centres of European Statistical Data Support - ESDS to support users in retrieval of European statistical information and work with them. The Centre of European Statistical Data Support in the Slovak Republic is created within the Statistical Products and Services Providing Section   of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.
Eurostat coordinates the network of national centres with the aim to promote and open up the statistical information offered on its websites. Users have the possibility to access to databases (Search database), including external trade detailed data (COMEXT), all electronic versions of the Eurostat´s publications (Publications), as well as methodological support (Methodology).

Eurostat offers on its website statistical data and information structured into the following basic groups:

Special topics:

- Europe 2020 indicators
- Euro indicators/ PEEIs
- Sustainable development indicators
- Employment and social policy indicators
- Macroeconomic imbalance procedure


- General and regional statistics
- Economy and finance
- Population and living conditions
- Industry, trade and services
- Agriculture and fishery
- International trade
- Transport
- Environment and energy
- Science and technology

ESDS Centre at the SO SR
offers the following services to users:
- assistance at data and information retrieval
- navigation and orientation at Eurostat website
- processing of phone, email and written inquiries
- methodological assistance and support
- consulting services

All the data published by the Eurostat websites and information provided by the Centre at the SO SR are available free of charge. 

ESDS contacts at the SO SR
phone +421 2 50236 341
           +421 2 50236 335
           +421 2 50236 713
fax +421 2 55561 361

Office hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 15.00 hrs

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