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Quality policy of SO SR

Quality policy
of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

Quality policy is based on the mission of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic:
to provide high quality and objective statistical products and services by keeping confidentiality of statistical data with the aim to support improvement of the information and intellectual capital of our customers.
In this way we want to contribute to reduce risks in their decision making processes and so to support the sustainable development of Slovakia as the part of EU.
In line with the mission of the Statistical Office, the Quality policy is based on the following principles:

We serve whole our society and respect all our customers. The existence of the Statistical office is based on the users and their confidence in the produced statistical data. The common denominator of all activities performed in the Statistical Office are credibility and orientation on expressed and expected needs of the users of statistical products by keeping impartiality  in the sense of basic principles of the official statistics and European standards and norms.

respondents (suppliers)
Statistical Office is an independent institution not succumbing to external pressure when publishing statistical results. Statistical Office guarantees to all statistical data suppliers confidentiality of their data using the system of mutually inter-connected legislative, organisational and technological measures preventing leak of information. We require data from reporting units usually in the case if they are not accessible for statistics from other sources, which is one of the possible ways to reduce the respondent´s burden.

open, flexible information and knowledge institution
We continually improve our activities as the precondition for the knowledge increase of the institution and we are open to new knowledge and to challenges of the European statistical system, resulting from the membership of the Slovak Republic in the European Union.

The quality can only be achieved in interaction with the national and international environment of the Statistical Office. To achieve its objectives, the Statistical Office activelly co-operates and communicates with government, bodies of state and public administration, self-governmental bodies, citizens, profit and non-profit organisations, National Bank of Slovakia, European and global international institutions and organisations, research and educational institutions.

Management of the Statistical Office is commited to permanent improvement of the quality management system efectiveness and efficiency with the aim to achieve  excellent results. At the same time, this policy represents the framework for the quality objectives of the Statistical Office.

Intentions and objectives of the Statistical Office can only be realised by highly qualified employees. We create conditions for their continual development and we base our success on high statistical professionality and integrity of the basic values of the institution.

Bratislava, April 2013                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                           Ľudmila Benkovičová
                                                                                                                                                            President of the Statistical Office
                                                                                                                                                            of the Slovak Republic


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