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The Quality of Statistics

Eurostat´s mission is to provide the European Union with a high-quality statistical service. Accordingly, quality considerations play a central role with regard to Eurostat corporate management as well as our day-to-day statistical operations.

With the adoption of the European Statistics Code of Practice, Eurostat and the statistical authorities of the EU-Member States have committed themselves to an encompassing approach towards high quality statistics, which is based on a common European Statistical System definition of quality in statistics. The quality is aimed at all relevant areas from the institutional environment, through the statistical production processes to the outputs of the official European statistics.

Quality reporting presents information on the quality of the Eurostat products as well as on tools and standards for quality reporting agreed within the European Statistical System. Current practices suited to foster quality in European statistics are presented on the Eurostat´s website, in the quality part under the keyword: European Statistical System practices.

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