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Elementary information about database
The database SLOVSTAT contains time series of economic and social development indicators for the whole of the Slovak Republic. Data from different statistical fields are presented in the form of tables in monthly, quarterly, or yearly time series. The database SLOVSTAT will be increased and expanded. The data updating is being realized by a timetable in the shorter time after the official release of data.

Access to database Slovstat

Data access
A condition of data access is to make a record - registration. All the data are free of charge. By the first accession a user will register him and choose his user name and password. There are possible no more than 15 signs in a user name and 10 signs in a password - letters and numbers. A tabulator is being used standardly to move between input fields. After the confirmation of user name and password the window will close also without assistance during 5 seconds. We believe that you will not experience the registration, which will enable us to evaluate the attendance of particular statistical fields, as a restriction.
Non-recorded or non-registered user can view indicators, which the database offers till the menu of a concrete table while the display of table data is blocked. The registration and also record of a new user is being realized through the option "registration".

Technology of presentation
The database SLOVSTAT is saved in the environment Oracle. Web sites are being created dynamically on the basis of data choice of a user. Sites are created and tested for the viewer Explorer 5, potentially higher versions, with resolution min. 800x600 pixels and for 16 mil. coloured palette. It is not possible to reclaim the incorrect interpretation of html sites by other kind of viewer.
Note - your browser should allow the use of cookies.

Special warning
The data accessible to system users are the intellectual property of the Statistical Office of the SR and are protected by the law of authorship. It is necessary to refer to the Statistical Office of the SR, the database SLOVSTAT as a source when using any data of the database SLOVSTAT in own works and documents. Their spreading to other persons is conditioned by the agreement of the Statistical Office of the SR. (see the contact)

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